Akamai DASH Ingest


C21 Live Encoder -- Akamai DASH Ingest

Setting up Akamai account

Log in to the Luna Control Center at https://control.akamai.com.
Switch to the CONFIGURE tab and choose Media Services Live.
Click the Add Configuration to create a new stream configuration.
Select the product HLS/HDS/DASH Ingest and press Continue.
Configure new stream referring to the HLS, HDS and DASH Ingest part of Akamai Media Services Live User Guide.


Please note the following:

When the new configuration is provisioned you can get the STREAM ID and HOST NAME from the main Media Services Live page. You will need this information to publish your stream into this property.


Starting the C21 Live Encoder job:

Build your destination using this URL template:
http(s)://post.[host name].akamaihd.net/[stream id]/[stream name]/[stream name].mpd

Then specify:
<Stream Name>:stream name
<Mode>: HTTP
<Primary Host>: "post.[host name].akamaihd.net"
<Port>: 80
<Primary Directory>: "dash/[stream id]"

Build your playback URL using this url template:
http(s)://[host name].akamaihd.net/dash/live/[stream id]/[stream id]/stream id or index.mpd